Muffs/Gloves for strollers and sledges Nord Green

Muffs/Gloves for strollers and sledges Nord Green

Muffs - comfortable gloves on the handle of the stroller / sled, which will allow you to walk longer, keeping your hands warm and pleasing yourself, the kid and the passers-by. Clutches are your fashion accessory, allowing you to be unique and feel comfortable in any weather.

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Muffs are suitable for all types of wheelchairs - with a solid handle, for twins, with two handles, Stock with a round handle, as well as for sleds with a stiff handle, bicycles, ski poles and snowmobiles. Each sleeve has an elastic band that tightly surrounds the handle of the stroller or sled, helping to avoid blowing out cold air.

What muffs are made of:

Waterproof fabric with the original resistant print, created specifically for the couplers. Waterproof fabric has a moisture-resistant impregnation. Heater - sintepon, artificial fur.

How many degrees are kept without gloves:
According to the feedback from the users of the regions of the North, up to -10 ° C you can safely walk without gloves, Depends on individual heat transfer.

How to care:
A delicate wash of 40°C or hand wash with mild detergent is recommended.

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ManufacturerMade in Latvia. Design by OstOrg SIA.

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