Kids sleds SnowCross Mini Purple

Kids sleds SnowCross Mini Purple



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Sled parameters:

✓ The back part, which makes the driving comfortable can be easily removed. Along with the kid growing the back part can be removed completely and the sleighs can be used not only for riding on flat surfaces, but also for riding down the hills.
✓ Sleigh runners prevent overturning and ensure good passability and smooth gliding.
✓ The sledge structure is safe and durable; it is painted with environmentally friendly polymer coating.
✓ The seat is made of beech wood and its coating is environmentally friendly, too. 
✓ In order to save storage space, the back part can be folded/removed.
✓ The sleigh can be used from the age of 10 months.
✓ Operating temperature – till - 35 °C
✓ Warranty – 2 years.

Size parameters:

✓ Sledge size 81.5 х 37.5 х 39.5 cm
✓ Seat size: 46 х 29 cm
✓ Back height: 22 cm
✓ Recommended load: till 25 kg
✓ Sledge weight 2.4 kg

The most frequently asked questions and answers about SnowCross sled: 

✓ Age. Sled is suitable for children who can sit on their own - from 6 months up to 5 years. When the child becomes older, the back and handle are removed from the sled, and the sled is then used as ordinary, classic sled. 

✓ On the availability of sleds. All the sleds that you see are available in our stock in Riga. We produce the sled here. If you see that this model is not available on the website, then maybe it is still available in the stores of our partners. 

✓ View and feel. You can view and feel all the sleds in the stores of our partners, you can find their addresses when you click this link. 

✓ About runners. All our sleds are equipped with wide runners, which improves their sliding on the snow and excludes overturning. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to prevent erasing/scratching of the paint, since even if you are sledging on snow, it can be sprinkled with sand or salt, and the very structure of the snow scrapes the sled. 

✓ "Runners are rusting". In our instruction for use, we recommend to wipe the sled from the dirt with a soft cloth and then wipe them wipe the sled DRY after EVERY walk. This significantly slows the corrosion process. 

✓ Back. Sled is equipped with a high back for the comfort of your child. Back can be removed to enjoy sledging from the mountain with the parent. The removed back also significantly reduces the storage space. 

✓ Quality and reliability. The sled was diversely tested, so that the most durable and safe version was launched into production. Sled withstood the load of more than 25 kg.

Data sheet

ManufacturerMade in Latvia under license. Design by OstOrg SIA.

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