Chalk Sticker Owl

Chalk Sticker Owl

BeCrea - the chalk and marker figured stickers and magnetic boards that will create a unique design and atmosphere in your home.

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Size: A3 - 42 x 29.7 cm

The stickers of the series "I draw where I want" can be placed on any surface! These stickers can be attached to wooden, glass, metal, plastic surfaces and even to wallpaper and tiles! Now the space for creativity is everywhere! Self-adhesive chalk sticker is made in the original design for drawing with chalk and chalk markers. It can be easily attached and easily removed, leaving no traces. The inscriptions are removed with a damp cloth or sponge. 
The sticker is delivered without drawings and inscriptions, the photo shows one of the options that you can create.

BeCrea will capture the attention of your children and will be a great base for the development of their imagination and cognitive skills.

The ability to draw in a specially designated place on the wall - is a dream that come true both for children and their parents!

Make notes so as not to forget the important things, leave messages to your relatives, play with your children and decorate the interior of your home! All BeCrea stickers and boards are made of qualitative materials that can be used at home.

Create comfort and joy every day with BeCrea!

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ManufacturerMade in Latvia. Design by OstOrg SIA.

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