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For all products of OstOrg, warranty in accordance with the laws of the republic of Latvia is applied. Warranty period - 24 months from the date of purchase. We guarantee the serviceable work for products in a given period in case of full compliance with the requirements described in the instruction manual and provided the use of a product only for personal use. We are committed to resolve product defects caused by the fault of the manufacturer.

The guarantee does not apply to:

  • Products having the following breaches of the instruction manual: traces of shock and mechanical damages: dents, nicks, etc.;
  • Damages caused by any external mechanical action, shock or vibration loads, the use of external force to the parts of the product: scratches, burrs, chips, deformation of materials and parts, etc.;
  • Damages caused by the chemicals or solvents getting on the product: alkalis, acids, mercury and its vapors, solvents, plastics, etc.;
  • Damages to the product with water or any other liquid, as a result of improper use.
  • Damages to the product due to the ingestion of foreign objects, substances or insects;
  • Any other damages caused by intentional or careless actions of the buyer or violation of instruction manual.


If you change your mind and decide to abandon the goods ordered, the law of the republic of Latvia (law ozpp) and regulating rules of the republic of Latvia`s cabinet of ministers №255 (regulations cm №255) provide that the buyer has the right to terminate agreement within 14 calendar days and return the purchased goods in the online shop back to the seller. The law ozpp in article 12, part 6 also determines that the user is responsible for the safety and quality of the product during the term of the right to return of the goods under the terms of the distance contract.

We recommend to keep the original packaging of the goods, so that the goods are not damaged during transportation, using the rights to return of the goods by the conditions of distance contract. OstOrg reserves the right to refuse the buyer to return the goods if the goods are damaged, not in complete set. In order to negotiate the return of the goods, please contact us at sp@ostorg.eu or by telephone: (+371) 26323038, specifying the number and date of the order.

If order is canceledreturns, funds will be returned in the same way as the goods were bought in 14 business days after receiving goods back to us. (Funds will not be returned if not observed conditions.)


  • If you return an item that you do not like, you pay for shipping.
  • If you are returning an item that is not delivered right (for example, the wrong color), then we will arrange the return.