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Educational cube - Educational wood toys Lucy&Leo




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Eco-friendly and durable universal cube from Lucy&Leo attracts the children with a variety of colors and tasks. This toy will serve you for several years! 

The elements from a painted and unpainted polished wood are combined in the universal cube. Sensitive pleasant colors are prevailing in the cube: yellow, turquoise, light green, lilac, orange and red. This wonderful cube combines 4 educational toys at once: 

Sorter. 5 figured holes are located on 2 sides of the cubes. The set includes the toys - geometric shapes: circle, oval, square, rhombus, triangle, semicircle, hexagon, and also star, heart and cross. Their form is painted in the same colors to make it easier for the child to select the right shapes for the holes. The child also gets acquainted with the shapes and colors. 

Motor labyrinth. It is located on the cover of the universal cube, which can be turned, thus lowering the labyrinth inside the cube. Beads of different shapes and colors are beaded on 3 twisting wires. The child moves the elements with the fingers, thus developing fine motor skills, stimulating the development of the nervous system and speech activity. 

Abacus. Consists of 5 axes, the beads of the individual color on each row. The child can learn counting, number composition, can solve simple examples of addition and subtraction. Playing with rings also positively affects the development of fine motor skills. 

Clock. Teach the child to tell time. Put the arrows in a certain position and ask the child what he usually does at this time. Task is suitable for the children who are already familiar with the numbers. 

The universal cube develops logical thinking and mathematical abilities, motor skills and finger devolution, acquaintances with shapes, colors and counting. 

Turn the child’s acquaintance with the world in a colorful game!

✓ Lucy&Leo toys comply with highest quality standarts – we use high-quality New Zealand beech and non allergenic soft polymer material which have European and American certificates.
✓ The main thing about toys for us is to help children develop imagination, memory, motor skills and ability to keep on learning everything new. With out toys there are hours of fun and educational games waiting for your child.
✓ Toy size: 21 x 21 x 21 cm

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ManufacturerDesign by Lucy&Leo toys, made in PRC.

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