Nails-Turned Triangle - Educational wood toys Lucy&Leo

Nails-Turned Triangle - educational wood toys Lucy&Leo




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Knocking toy develops coordination, agility and attention. 
Age 0 years and up. 

All the details are made of beech - expensive wood with a beautiful texture. Small nails are coated with water-based paint. All wooden parts are smooth, carefully polished. 

The child will have to put a little effort and carefully to aim with a hammer in order to knock in nails. Metal rings are fixed in the holes of the base, which do not allow the nail to fall in from a weak blow. The base of the toy is non-assembled. The legs are fastened with metal screws, this knocking toy will serve for a long time. The heads of the screws are deeply drowned and cannot wound the child. In a set: base, hammer, 3 colored nails.

Lucy&Leo - educational toys for every child.

✓ Lucy&Leo toys comply with highest quality standarts – we use high-quality New Zealand beech and non allergenic soft polymer material which have European and American certificates.
✓ The main thing about toys for us is to help children develop imagination, memory, motor skills and ability to keep on learning everything new. With out toys there are hours of fun and educational games waiting for your child.
✓ Toy size: 13.4 x 13.4 x 9.5 cm

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ManufacturerDesign by Lucy&Leo toys, made in PRC.

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