❤️ BeCrea game set series "Little fashionista`s" is an exciting game that develops fantasy, fine motor skills, and speech of a child. The game field, the doll, and clothes are made of safe magnetic material. The game can be played everywhere - in the playground or even on the fridge while mom is making dinner in the kitchen.

❤️ You can choose the piece of clothing and attach it to the doll. Dresses, t-shirts, shorts are magnetized to the body of the doll. You can easily put many layers of clothes on a small fashionista in case it is cold outside.

❤️ Help doll to find the best-looking outfits for a walk! Collect the whole collection in order to make the game more interesting!

❤️ This educational toy set is the perfect birthday, Christmas gift for a baby girl.

❤️ Suitable for 3+ years. | Help children develop imagination, memory, motor skills, creativity, and the ability to keep on learning everything new.

❤️ Set consists of a 7.87" (21 cm) high, charming doll, 13 elements of clothes, and a game field with a size of 5.91" x 8.27" (15 x 21 cm).

Amanda has a big and kind heart where there is room for everyone, without exception. Her biggest dream is to have a pet of her own, preferably a cute kitty. For now, she has to make do with clothes with a cat's print on them and volunteer at the animal shelter. When she grows up, she becomes a veterinarian.

Amanda is a smiling and cheerful girl, very kind and helpful. She will always come to help, comfort and support. It's a great joy to be friends with her!

If Amanda isn't at school or the animal shelter, look for her at a park or out of town! Most likely the girl went camping to watch birds and squirrels or look at clouds floating by and to dream! Amanda loves to read about animals, and can often be seen with a book on a park bench.

Apart from school and her favorite hobbies, Amanda has football in her life. She watches all the school matches and is quite good at playing in the girls' team herself. Is it any wonder how a soft girl could choose such a serious sport?

Amanda is the kindest and most compassionate person and surely a best friend of cats!


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