❤️ BeCrea game set series "Little fashionista`s" is an exciting game that develops fantasy, fine motor skills, and speech of a child. The game field, the doll, and clothes are made of safe magnetic material. The game can be played everywhere - in the playground or even on the fridge while mom is making dinner in the kitchen.

❤️ You can choose the piece of clothing and attach it to the doll. Dresses, t-shirts, shorts are magnetized to the body of the doll. You can easily put many layers of clothes on a small fashionista in case it is cold outside.

❤️ Help doll to find the best-looking outfits for a walk! Collect the whole collection in order to make the game more interesting!

❤️ This educational toy set is the perfect birthday, Christmas gift for a baby girl.

❤️ Suitable for 3+ years. | Help children develop imagination, memory, motor skills, creativity, and the ability to keep on learning everything new.

❤️ Set consists of a 7.87" (21 cm) high, charming doll, 11 elements of clothes, and a game field with a size of 5.91" x 8.27" (15 x 21 cm).

Olivia is easy to find! She is sure to be where the music is playing loudly, and someone is singing along to their favorite rock bands! What to do if Olivia can't imagine life without rock music, electric guitar, and singing! There's a reason - she wants to be a bandleader. Can you imagine how cool and groovy the band Olivia can lead?

Olivia is a kind and open-minded girl, she loves to organize fun parties and fool around. Our little firecracker can shake up the most boring crowd, come up with some mind-blowing action and get everyone excited about her idea!

But sometimes Olivia wants to be alone, daydream in the silence. At times like this, she writes texts and lyrics for songs or just plays the guitar pensively. Sometimes she can be very emotional and have a bit of a cry. You can cheer her up with a smile and a suggestion for a new activity!

Olivia also plays volleyball. She enjoys being in a team and helping her friends to win a match.

By the way, guess what Olivia's favorite pet is? She has a parrot at home! Naturally, the girl chose a bright and noisy pet that suits her personality!


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