☑BeCrea game set series "Little fashionista`s" is an exciting game which develops fantasy, fine motor skill and speech of a child. The game field, the doll, and clothes are made of safe magnetic material. The game can be played everywhere - in the playground or even on the fridge while mom is making dinner in the kitchen.

☑You can choose the piece of clothing and attach it to the doll. Dresses, t-shirts, shorts are magnetized to the body of the doll. You can easily put many layers of clothes on a small fashionista in case it is cold outside.

☑Help doll to find the best-looking outfits for a walk! Collect the whole collection in order to make the game more interesting!

☑This educational toy set is the perfect birthday, Christmas gift for a baby girl.

☑Suitable for 3+ years. | Help children develop imagination, memory, motor skills, creativity, and the ability to keep on learning everything new.

☑Set consists of a 7.87" (21 cm) high, charming doll, 11 elements of clothes, and a game field with size 5.91" x 8.27" (15 x 21 cm).


Data sheet

Made in Latvia. Design by OstOrg SIA.

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