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An exciting magnetic game for children 3 years and up. The set includes a magnetic playing field with 4 different professions and 30 cards with the pictures of different items that are associated with these professions. The child has correctly to distribute the cards with the items in accordance with the professions drawn on the playing field. Carefully study with the child all the professions that are depicted on the playing field.

Spread out all the playing cards, go over everything you know about the items that are depicted on the cards, where the child could have seen them, and place the cards on the playing field in the appropriate profession.

The game develops curiosity, introduces the child to the surrounding world, it trains the child’s attention, imagination, speech and memory. You can play this game on the table, take it with you for the journey, or you can attach it to any metal surface, for example, on the refrigerator, and the child can play it while the mom is busy in the kitchen.

The game develops the child’s curiosity, imagination, trains speech and memory.

A magnetic game for children 3 years and up.


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Made in Latvia. Design by OstOrg SIA.

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