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Harmonica - educational wood toys





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The harmonica develops auditory perception, sense of rhythm and coordination. It trains the respiratory organs for proper phonation during speech formation.

Age 0 years and up.

The body of harmonica is made of beech - expensive wood with a beautiful texture. The image is transferred by means of heat transfer printing and is covered with a harmless varnish. The child will not be able to scratch the image by nails. Even though the harmonica is a toy, it sounds almost like a real one. The harmonica range is one octave.

✓ Lucy&Leo toys comply with highest quality standarts – we use high-quality New Zealand beech and non allergenic soft polymer material which have European and American certificates.
✓ The main thing about toys for us is to help children develop imagination, memory, motor skills and ability to keep on learning everything new. With out toys there are hours of fun and educational games waiting for your child.
✓ Toy size:  x  x  cm


TootjaDesign by Lucy&Leo toys, made in PRC.

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